An entrance that reflects function and personality is valued by owners and guests alike.

Job No: 07110905

Working with a contractor Imagine Brick created an entirely new entrance. The design is based on elliptical shapes that are repeated to create a distinctive entrance unlike any other. Copper Bay, a natural stone was constructed in a fitted pattern.

Job No: 07082314

The homeowner was looking to add a covered outdoor space and patio to their back yard. They selected North Carolina fitted stone as an alternative to tile. And used paver brick in a Herringbone pattern for the patio. Imagine Brick constructed the masonry portion of this project working directly with the contractor. The homeowners now have a great space to enjoy and entertain guests - with virtually no maintenance.

Job No: 06042101

The original porch had severe damage from being hit by a vehicle. The original concrete on the stoop was removed and replaced due to settlement. Additionally the side walls at the steps were entirely replaced. To make the project cost effective the original stoop was increased in size with a 4” brick veneer to cover all parts of the previous aging brickwork. The new wall and concrete stoop gave the homeowner an entirely new porch while reducing overall cost.


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Job No: 03100703

These clients had an idea for a new flag stone patio area. They choose North Carolina flagstone. Drainage was an issue in the area prior to constructing the patio addition. To solve this, we constructed the patio to channel water into the new planting areas. Upon completion, we had solved their drainage problem and given them new space for outdoor entertaining.

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Job No: 03020310

Built in Myers Park, this addition gave the homeowners more space to relax and added a great new look to their home.

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Job No: 03011002

The front patio was this pieced tile design popular in its time and deteriorating now. We repaired and improved by covering the entire area with paver brick in a basketweave pattern. Less expensive and better looking than the terra cotta original which is prone to such damage.

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